Resource Links

There is a multitude of open educational material on the web. Here, we have compiled some of the most relevant resources to make it easier so you can spend more time studying and less time searching for additional resources. You’re welcome!


  • Printable flashcards: One of the best ways to retain information is by repetition. Flashcards are an inexpensive, easy way to study. This link provides a PDF of basic chemistry concepts/problems.
  • Interactive simulations: This website provides many interactive simulations that are user-friendly and clear to understand. When you click on a particular topic, there is a “Description” button in the right-hand corner of each simulation that will give you information on how to run the activity.
  • Chem1A Video Modules: Created at Berkeley University in the form of videos.
  • ChemBytes: Learning Modules from The University of Queensland. These are high quality very informative modules with simulations and animations to help with concept comprehension.