Meet the Staff

Ellen Craig
Office Manager

I am the office manager of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.  Although I also run another department as well, I encourage all students, both graduate and undergraduate, to seek me out if they need help.  While I will be unable to help you with academic questions, I am always available to help you master the bureaucratic red tape that sometimes may hinder you from taking a class you need to graduate.  I am a life-long Alaskan and should be able to help you cope with the living situations in this cold climate.  I also have tissues or some chocolate to sooth your soul.  My happy light is always on.

Jacy Pietsch
Stockroom Manager

Hi! I’m Jacy Pietsch, the Stockroom Manager for the Chemistry Department here at UAF. My primary role is to prepare, organize, and troubleshoot the teaching labs, particularly the 100-level teaching labs. Most of this is done behind the scenes but you may see me during your lab sessions, popping in to help solve any problems that may come up or just to touch base with the TA.

A second significant part of my job is to supervise the Supplemental Instruction program for general chemistry. This program offers peer-assisted study session designed to help you gain a better understanding of the material that is presented in class.

In all of this, my goal is to help students acquire the skills that will allow them to be successful in chemistry. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Or send me an email.

Megan Roberts
Website creator

I am a recent graduate from the Environmental Chemistry program at UAF. I was blessed to have the opportunity to learn about instructional design when I was picked as a graduate fellow. This website is the product of the fellowship. I served many semesters as a general chemistry TA and became familiar with some of the problems that students had learning the subject matter but also was able to observe some components of TA/student interaction that could be improved upon. I hope you find the website useful! Happy learning!