Learner Simulation

In order to process and comprehend chemistry concepts, hands-on, active learning is a dynamic way to gain a deeper understanding. The following interactive simulations and thought activities will strengthen your recall and comprehension.

Molecule Polarity: Directions

The following simulation has three possible screens to assess molecule polarity:

1) Two Atoms Screen:  In the simulation, you will be able to adjust the electronegativity of individual atoms, view the resulting electrostatic potential or electron density, and predict the bond polarity.

2) Three Atoms Screen:  Explore the relationship between the bond dipoles and the molecular dipole, and observe the
molecule in an electric field.

3) Real Molecules:

Molecule Polarity Thought Activity:

– Predict how changing electronegativity will affect the bond polarity.
– Explain the relationship between the bond dipoles and the molecular dipole.
– Determine if a non-polar molecule can contain polar bonds.
– Describe how the ABC bond angle effects the molecular dipole.
– Compare the behavior of non-polar and polar molecules in an external electric field.